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20 years IN 2021

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Funds raised

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Our project



The current COVID-19 situation is causing cancellations of cultural events. It is difficult for all those involved (musicians, technicians, etc.) to project themselves into 2021. 


However, 2021 is a milestone for Tafta, as we are about to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a 5th album. 


Coming back on stage and sharing our music with you is a moment that we have all been waiting for several years. 

In order for this to happen, we need your support.

What will your donations be used for?


Goal 1 - 5'000,00 CHF

- Production of the album (mixing and mastering)

- Physical album printing (limited quantity)

Goal 2- 10'000,00 CHF

- Production of a video clip


The counterparties 

Exclusive Tafta sticker

CHF 10.00


press picture

CHF 30.00


new album

CHF 50.00

Presence at a soundcheck

(as soon as possible)

CHF 200.00

To assert your choice of counterparty, all you have to do is pay the corresponding amount using the payment methods below.

You don't want any compensation? this is not a problem, you are free to pay the amount of your choice not appearing in the counterparties.

Vaud Cantonal Bank

Holder: VD Music Association

1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey

IBAN: CH38 0076 7000 K514 3767 6 

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